Mexico (Organic) Medium or Dark Roasts

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We recommend Mexico Dark as an espresso.

Medium Roast Tasting Notes: We are excited for you to experience your first sip of these outstanding coffee beans. You will taste the most wonderful start of milk chocolate, slowily moving to salted caramel, and finishing with a light yet very enjoyable juicy apricot.  These are one of my personal favorite coffee beans that I roast for all of our guests.  They simply never disappoint!

Through much tasting and roasting and a healthy bit of curiosity, we have decided to offer this amazing coffee in two roast levels, medium and dark. 

Dark Roast Tasting Notes: The dark roast sends the medium roast flavors a bit more into the background and brings forward the dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors while still allowing the other flavors mentioned to come out and play towards the end of your drink.

We use only top-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans.  This coffee was organically grown in Mexico in a multi-family coop.